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My name is Richard Averillo, I’m originally from North London but now living in Sandwich, Kent. I was introduced to a Reiki Master at a function I attended in Cornwall in 2009. We discussed the therapy and its beneficial qualities in great detail, I found it extremely interesting. Although I had not heard of Reiki before, the theory and method of healing somehow seemed very familiar to me. The Reiki Master then demonstrated Reiki on a few willing members of the public. It was wonderful to observe the effects of the treatment first-hand. I was hooked and I decided there and then that I wanted to learn this spiritual art of healing. Two months later, I completed my Reiki first level/degree (Shoden) and that’s where my journey began.

Meditation – The benefits

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The following excerpt is from an article written by Madhuleena Roy Chowdhury, Psychiatric Counsellor. A Look at the Benefits of Meditation; Meditation establishes a secure connection between our internal and external worlds. It awakens the body and benefits all [........]

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